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September 26, 2012
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LoO: Lady Cadenza by Linclair LoO: Lady Cadenza by Linclair
so many things to do :iconimsotiredcryplz:

Name: Lady Cadenza

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Classification: Royals

Kingdom: Music Kingdom
TLDR version: The music kingdom is one of the fastest growing kingdoms. It was divided on districts based off genres of music. While the small kingdom started out with just a few large districts, many of the Music kingdoms people have started to split off and start making subgenres. This creates conflict among the very territorial people that refuse to let these subgroups from having parts of their own land. Greatening the tension, the kingdom was created to spiral out from the center district, also known as the classical district, with a magical soundproof wall surrounding its bounders to keep to keep the sound in. Its design flaw has kept the citizens from migrating out. To avoid a civil war of sorts, King Common Time was on the verge of addressing the issues. Sadly he has passed away at the critical moment and left the throne to the next in line: The duke and Duchess of Bass.

Personality: Cedenza is quite down to earth compared to her snotty parents. She didn’t have interest in taking over the kingdom and never assumed she’ll be forced into that opportunity. She tried to live her life as if she was just another musical citizen. This being true, she is proud, stubborn, and pushy about her interests without ever meaning ill intent by it. She tries to be open about others opinions but her impatience might cause unintended rudeness. She tries far too hard to get others to like her music and to correct bad impressions.

History: She lived all her life within District 1. King CT had no known family members so he welcoming invited the duke and his family to stay with him in the large central castle, known to everyone in the music Kingdom as the ‘coda’. Cadenza was about seven when she moved in, already very aware of her parent’s habits. They were very distant people, having very low opinions on everyone around them. It was no secret to their daughters how much they wanted to get their hands on some real political power. Still young, Cadenza turned a blind eye and went off to do what she wanted: Conducting! :iconimsotiredplz:
While her people were very musical not everyone is cut out to be a conductor. It takes more skills to arrange notes and strings them together into something new. This was what Cadenza set her goal on and worked most of her time into developing a good ear for arranging music. A gift from the King was a set of magical note servants. They do not do much of anything but float. Their purpose was more for Cadenza to use her skills to manipulate them into any arrange she wishes.
The Kings death was unexpected and weighted heavy on her. She frowned upon her parent’s happiness for his passing. She is forced to watch her family reach the power that she wished they never had. To make this worse, she fully believes her parents are far too vain to listen to the people and fix the problems. She was also fully aware that if she called them out- it would be her responsible and that is just not what she wanted-

-There are four note derps. Each have a name and they all never leave the castle.
-King CT did not have in official heir but rumors have been spreading that he has a lovechild somewhere in Ooo.
- Cadenza means (THANK YOU GOOGLE) an improvised or written-out ornamental passage played or sung by a soloist

Villains: - Finds herself dealing with tone deaf villains. Of course, this is her own assumption. It’s really just villains that think she’s easy pickings because she’s new to this whole leadership thing.
Adventurers: -Really enjoys Adventures that know what they are doing because she sure doesn't.

Catchphrase: "Gaudioso, much joy!" / "UGH, What a cacophony!"

Rank/Points: Small kingdom
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